Sunday, March 13, 2011

5 perkara BODOH time SKOLA

 kawan tercirit dalam sluar... hahahaha *tringat zaman budak2 dulu*

kawan jatuh longkang..sumpah kena gelak kaw2!

kawan terpijak taik(kucing,lembu and etc)

seluaq koyak time kelas pj:p

 zip lupa tutup time g kuliah! 


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

to my love

I open my eyes
I see vast area of flower
Lot of red flower

I'm in the middle of the red ocean
I walk through them
I try to find the most beautiful flower
Rise a flower
With smiles
The most beautiful smiles
Waving at me
She open the lock of my heart and release me from the prison
Prison of boredom sad and anger
I pick that flower
And walk again
With the hope that there will be another flower
I keep walking
I keep searching
Until I reach the end of the Red ocean
Then I close my eyes
And realise
This is the flower that is sent by God
To fill the emptiness in my heart
I kiss the flower
And then I open my eyes
My heart suddenly stop
Shock and nervous quickly covered my soul
Because of YOU
The MOST beautiful FLOWER that stand in front of me...