Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my favourite artist

 I write this blog after I heard some songs from my lappy..

It is the P Ramlee songs..

In my opinion, his songs and movies were full of useful advices..

Can you imagine none of Malaysian gets sick when they watched his films over and over again..

Year by year..

It has been more than 50 years..



How can he make such a thing to human?

Because we know that human will get bored after they do the same thing..

But his films seems like have a magic..

An attraction..

For people to watch it for the rest of their life..

I still remember a scene in his movie..

I will never forget that scene..

The scene is when ramlee,ajis and sudin go to an audition..

To select an actor..

when they arrived there, sudin impolitely asked the guard.. *the guard was a sigh*

the guard don’t reply his question...

After a few moments, the guard replied..

It sounds like this..

"If this the way you act, how will the Malay will success?"

His words were true..

I also surprise when most of university in Russia use P Ramlee films when they have Malay language class..

But it seems to be logical why they use his films..

P Ramlee, used correct phrase..

Furthermore, I also love to hear to his songs..

He had made a lot of nice songs..

For example, Azizah, Tanya Sama Hati, MAlam Ku Bermimpi and etc..

Many people did study why he had such a nice voice..

One of the reasons is he used "hukum tajwid" when he sang..

No wonder he can make the song more beautiful than it suppose to be..

Credit for him because he had make a big impact in our life...